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What is WaterLock?

WaterLock is an emergency automatic water shut-off system that you as a homeowner can set to your personal preference and gain peace of mind and protection against major water damage. Our systems are insured and built with quality guaranteed. WaterLock is a single unit water control system that detects leaks and breaks in all pipes, both above and below ground, also detecting leaks and breaks in all your home’s common appliances such as washers, water heaters, sprinkler systems, and spas. WaterLock is also used to prevent unnecessary waste and over-use, which could lower your monthly bill. 

WaterLock is the solution!

How does WaterLock work?

WaterLock is connected to your main water line as soon as it enters the home or business so that your entire property is protected. The WaterLock system uses timed water flow technology and is all stainless steel, drinking water approved, and contains high quality sensors, valves, and components. WaterLock is easy to install and program, once programmed WaterLock will automatically close if the flow exceeds the set time, preventing any further damage to your home or business. WaterLock can also be connected to an existing alarm notification system so that you can be notified if WaterLock has detected a problem. WaterLock is easily reset by the press of a button.

Protect your home with WaterLock!

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WaterLock: control systems give you the peace of mind, control, and security you need!

It’s easy to believe it won’t happen to you, but a broken water line is practically inevitable!

What WaterLock can do for you and your home:

  • Detects broken water lines/and appliances (above, and below ground)
  • Minimizes water damage
  • Prevents major flood
  • Prevents overuse, and may lower your monthly bill
  • Increases awareness
  • Protects your home 24/7 when your home or away
  • Gives you full control, and peace of mind ​


What can cause a broken pipe?

  • Extreme Temperature drops
  • Calcium build-up
  • Pressure regulators (these go out every few years)
  • Old pipes
  • Direct sun
  • Root infestations

Homeowners want their homes secure, safe from harm, and protected. When a water line breaks, in 8 hours the home can flood with 8,160 gallons of water! This is outrageous when we are talking about our fresh water. We put fire alarms in our homes to alert us when there is a problem but it is time that we use the same measures of protection when it comes to the first common cause of property damage loss: Water Damage!


Pet's are Family!

Your pets’ lives are at risk when a water line breaks in your home!


Antiques / Heirlooms!

There are many valuable items in your home that are irreplaceable!


Keep Mold Away!

Dangerous mold can develop in a flooded or water damaged home!

Save water

Save Water!

More than 1 trillion gallons are wasted annually due to household leaks!